Can I make Italian meatballs in advance?

I'm making meatballs and spaghetti for the first time and I plan to serve them on Sunday. Should I make them in advance or do they taste better if I make them and serve them the same day?

  • Posted by: jlhogan
  • February 7, 2014


umran February 4, 2022
This is all super helpful.
Does anyone know if they still remain moist?
BTW My moisture comes from an egg, and white bread soaked in grated onion - will they still be moist if left in fridge and browned later, before adding to sauce? I also have parmesan, herbs, and salt. I am told salt draws out moisture, that's why I am asking?
petitbleu February 7, 2014
Honestly, I would make the meatballs ahead of time (i.e. make the meat mixture and shape into balls), but not cook them til the day you'll be serving them. You can make the sauce ahead of time--totally better the next day--but I would cook off the meatballs the day of. They don't take long to cook, and having them ready to go is more than half the battle.
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 7, 2014
And re-heat slowly.
mickle February 7, 2014
Agree w/ the above answer; however, make sure to use good, airtight, non-plastic containers for both the meatballs and the sauce to enhance flavor and freshness.
dymnyno February 7, 2014
You can make meatballs in advance. You can cook them and then add to the sauce after you brown the meatballs. A day and a half is not a problem to keep the meatballs and sauce fresh. Actually, the flavors of the herbs and spices will develop nicely with a little time. The "better the next day" rule applies here!
Shelley T. January 28, 2015
can you store the meatballs in the sauce overnight or will it ruin the meatballs?
keg72 January 28, 2015
I would definitely store the meatballs overnight IN the sauce. That'll keep the meatballs from drying out and will impart a nice flavor to the sauce.
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