Just wondering, Whats that one food or spice that you hate or can't stand to eat?

For me, I can't stand sweet potatoes. My husband hates liver. And my mom hates garlic (I know she's weird, lol).

Christina Marie Smith


Susan June 27, 2015
Goat cheese. I cannot fathom its popularity.
Diana B. June 26, 2015
QueenSashy June 25, 2015
As far as I am concerned, cilantro is an ungodly food :)
SilverSage June 19, 2015
Peaches! Can't even stand the smell.
Not crazy about very many other stone fruits, either; plums, nectarines, etc.
Tony S. June 19, 2015
Beets and salmon but I eat everything else.
MTMitchell June 19, 2015
Caraway seeds (seedless rye please!), nutmeg (a tiny tiny but goes a loooooong way and it seems overused to me), sweetbreads (texture), and I'm not a big fan of brains or tripe but I'd be willing to try them again. My husband hates mushrooms and anything that tastes "like dirt" (I love all that stuff), eggplant (I love it) and really stinky cheese (it tastes really bitter to him). Opposites attract...?
Valentina S. June 19, 2015
I don't like cardamom much. It's one of those tastes I just don't get no matter how hard I try, I guess.
And then there's the national love-it-or-hate-it food: cilantro. I HATE cilantro!
Kristen W. June 19, 2015
Turnips. It's funny, I very much like the bitterness in lots of other vegetables but for me, turnips have no redeeming qualities.
Windischgirl June 18, 2015
I have to add in poultry gizzards, hearts, lungs...any chewy organ meat. Head cheese terrifies me. I can deal with liver, sweetbreads, tongue, gonads.
BTW, jellyfish remind me of chicken gristle. I can tie all my dislikes to early traumas...the curse of being the child of poor immigrants.
PieceOfLayerCake June 18, 2015
Well cooked chicken hearts are deliciously tender...like the oyster. They should never be chewy or "organy".
boulangere June 21, 2015
I'm totally with you on all of the above. The only exception is chicken livers, which I make into a heavenly mousse.
https://food52.com/recipes/9969-winter-spring-summer-fall-chicken-mousse I can't even think about head cheese. Tongue? Shivers.
Windischgirl June 21, 2015
Tongue reminds me of brisket. Similar tender texture.
Exbruxelles June 18, 2015
Potatoes, in any form other than French-fried or chip.
Jean P. June 18, 2015
I hate cabbage in any form, including Brussells Sprouts, and I especially hate black pepper. I don't understand why chefs insist that black pepper be put on everything.
Stephanie June 18, 2015
Avocado. Ew. Absolutely the only time I will eat it is hidden inside a sushi roll. Before you ask...Yes, I realize that's weird. And no way, I hate guacamole too. Yes, really.
dotparker June 18, 2015
Tofu... And I've been a vegan for many years. I just can't get past the texture.
aargersi June 18, 2015
I am not much on tentacles (though I love fried calamari RINGS) and I really dislike the flavor of rose.

And - I've said it before I'll say it again - NO CANNED CREAM OF ANYTHING SOUP. EVER.
denise M. June 18, 2015
Cilantro....it taste to me what i think Comet or Ajax would taste like....I know it sounds crazy!
boulangere June 21, 2015
AARGH, Abbie! I make a white chocolate-rose ice cream that is divine. To me, anyway.
boulangere June 21, 2015
@denise milke, the first time I tasted cilantro, I thought it tasted like gasoline. I've long since made peace with it, and frankly love it.
PieceOfLayerCake June 21, 2015
I hated cilantro too, but the more dishes I ate it in (Indian food, Latin food) the more I came to appreciate it. I think pretty much any taste can be acquired, but many don't want to go through the acquisition.
keg72 June 18, 2015
I've got more than one! I completely agree with Dona on the beets -- I don't like them because they taste like dirt smells. I don't care for goat cheese (in any form or blend). I also don't like bell peppers (in any color or preparation) -- and because they're juicy, they flavor anything they touch! I also don't care for organ meats (including foie gras). And, although I'll enjoy them in baked goods, I really dislike eggs (including the smell), no matter how they're prepared. Oh, and one more -- mushrooms.
Panfusine June 18, 2015
Okra most certainly, I just cannot handle the sliminess,

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Panfusine June 18, 2015
Okra most certainly, I just cannot handle the sliminess,
boulangere June 21, 2015
I LOVE okra, partly for its amazing texture.
cookbookchick June 18, 2015
Funny, Dona, I love beets because they taste "earthy" (like dirt?) and I will eat just about anything. I've even overcome my dislike of cilantro. But I avoid hazelnuts. Why? Because they taste like dirt to me! :-)
Panfusine June 18, 2015
love beets for EXACTLY the same reason, the 'earthiness'
boulangere June 21, 2015
I neglected to mention that I can't sleep in the same house with beets, either.
ktr June 17, 2015
Raw tomatoes. I will eat them on a salad occasionally because I know they are good for me, but I swallow them as quickly as possible to get it over with.
TobiT June 17, 2015
Lima beans and whipped cream (I hate them both, separately)
Pegeen June 17, 2015
Trena, are jellyfish considered edible?

I love people's descriptions here of what they don't like - very funny.

I like pretty much anything if it's cooked properly.
Pegeen June 17, 2015
p.s. Sorry, forgot: I hate lima beans
Susan W. June 17, 2015
Pegreen, don't tell Trina, but I love ice cold jellyfish salad in the summer. I make this one:
Dona June 17, 2015
Beets taste like dirt to me. I've tried roasted, grated raw, pickled - just can't.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 17, 2015
For me coriander, raw celery, green bell peppers and beets and my husband (the ONLY thing he doesn't like to my knowledge!) is sun-dried tomatoes. Needless, to say he is a dream to cook for...
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 17, 2015
Goat meat - the look, smell, color...
Claire S. June 17, 2015
Anything aniseed/fennel
Garlic F. June 17, 2015
And licorice-y!
scruz June 17, 2015
oysters (which i have tried and will gladly let you oyster lovers eat all of my allotment) and brains (which i have not tried but don't think i ever will). love mussels and clams. enjoyed tripe and liver. but no oysters or brains.
boulangere June 17, 2015
I can't sleep in the same house with cloves.
Susan W. June 17, 2015
For me..saffron. It tastes like a dirty, rusty penny to me. However, my friend Barbie makes the best paella cooked over an open fire when we go to the lake and somehow saffron is okay in that setting.
PieceOfLayerCake June 17, 2015
Melon...of any kind. I think I can honestly say its the only food I absolutely refuse to eat.
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