virgin coconut oil...great for cooking healthy and a cure to every disease known, it seems. Recipes?



mtrelaun January 3, 2011
I've rubbed it into my skin and cooked with it! It does have that coconutty essence so use it in recipes where you think that would make a nice background note. The taste isn't super pronounced, but it is noticeable. I've fried shallots in coconut oil before cooking basmati rice, used it instead of olive oil in granola recipes, and have even fried eggs in it. I like it.
susan G. January 3, 2011
As a natural food retailer, I was not conned by the therapeutic value of coconut oil. Didn't like having everything taste like coconut either. Rub it in skin or scalp or dreadlocks... or use it in food where it is traditionally used, but don't force yourself.
Savorykitchen January 3, 2011
It looks like most folks just take it as a supplement, but it seems like you can substitute it for any other oil in cooking. Does it taste like coconut? If so, you might prefer it in recipes for sweets. It could also be good in Indian or Caribbean cooking.
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