Help! I purchased a cured, smoked, uncooked ham. I've never worked with a ham that's cured but not cooked. How do I cook it? It's 7lb. Thanks!

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1 Comment

tiffanylee March 27, 2016
Please try googling raw cured pork shoulder. You will find recipes and proper temperature and time per pound. My mother alway uses a can of lemon lime soda and a can (any size or type) of pineapple and whole cloves . She cross hatch cuts it about a half inch deep two inches apart and puts the whole cloves in the intersection of cuts and about 15 whole cloves. She uses a large deep roasting pan and covers it with foil the uncovers it about an hour before finished cooking to brown and crisp the fat. Also trim the fat to half an inch or less. . I hope this helps. Enjoy it will be fantastic and happy Easter!
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