cigarette smoke affects potted herbs?

I know this isn't technically cooking but, I haven't been able to find this. Can cigarette smoke affect potted herbs? I have my herbs outside my apartment, which unfortunately is where my neighbors congregate to smoke.

  • Posted by: Diana
  • June 24, 2015


Jennifer R. June 25, 2015
Oddly enough that was my 8th grade science project. Not herbs specifically, but plants in an aquarium. If I remember correctly (this was several years ago), the plants exposed to smoke (in this case it was a pipe) suffered from lack of oxygen and died. However, in your case, this is outside, so I wouldn't be concerned about it. If your herbs are in a communal space you have to work within the confines of your living situation. I would hardly see it worth causing ruckus with your neighbors.
TobiT June 25, 2015
I agree - just wash well before use!
TobiT June 25, 2015
And now I keep thinking about how this dilemma would play out in states where pot is now legal!
Meaghan F. June 25, 2015
I can't speak for potted herbs, but there is a well-known disease called tomato mosaic virus that affects tomatoes, and I believe peppers too, which is transmitted through smoking near the plant or touching it after smoking without washing your hands.
Dona June 24, 2015
Apparently the answer is yes it can, I googled the question and found many articles on the subject.
Sam1148 June 24, 2015
You gotta be kidding me.
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