Glacé apricots

If my farmer's market has apricots again this week (fingers crossed) I want to try preserving them glacé-style. Couldn't find very many recipes or tips online though that weren't for citrus peel - does anyone have any firsthand experience tips/tricks? Particularly looking for input on this method:
Basically, you use a slow cooker to ease the days-long process. Can't find any other recipe that uses this method though so I'm hesitant to try it.

Meaghan F


LarAl2015 July 11, 2015
I have never seen a recipe that cooks the fruit like that. I would steer clear of that recipe. The traditional way to do it is to reduce the syrup each day or add sugar and put the hot syrup back over the fruit. Never cook it. I am using this procedure to make Mostarda di Cremona:

There is even a note about using apricots:

Caution: Apricots are the trickiest to glace and here are my suggestions: Use slightly underripe apricots, they are firmer. Pop or take the pit out from the top or bottom without splitting the apricot in half. The intact skin helps keep the apricot whole. Use the slow method.
Meaghan F. July 11, 2015
Thanks! I'll stick to the old-fashioned method then.
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