broken broad beans - dry crushed favas

As part of my quest to learn to love Fava beans, I brought home some "broken broad beans". They are dry fava beans that have been lightly crushed, so that they are broken into pieces about the size of a fingernail. There are no skins on the beans, so they look easy to prepare.

What type of recipes would this work well in?
How do I cook them stove top?
How do I cook them pressure cooker?
Do I still soak them before cooking, and if so, how does that change the cooking time?

Most importantly do you have any personal favourite recipes for this ingredient?



trampledbygeese July 11, 2015
Two more recipes I found that look yummy

And keeping with the delicious falafel idea
bigpan July 11, 2015
Mix with chickpeas and make falafel.
Susan W. July 11, 2015
Spoiler alert..I have not made this, but it looks so good. Is this the right product? Scroll down and you'll find a Moroccan Bean dip that is similar, but lots more olive oil. Yum!!
trampledbygeese July 11, 2015
Those look just like the beans I have. Thanks for the link. Delicious looking recipe.

Of course, now I've fallen in love with the charcoal cooking stands for the tagine they show at the end of the video.
Susan W. July 11, 2015
Wouldn't it be awesome to have one of those? The Moroccan dip looked good too. I just stumbled on the site, but I may investigate.
trampledbygeese July 11, 2015
I washed and soaked some broken broad beans for an hour, then cooked in the pressure cooker for 4 minutes on high, slow release. It's about perfect, with the smaller bits being mush and the larger bits a nice, cooked texture. I used too much water, 1 cup dry broken beans to 3 cups water. It's too difficult to strain off the excess water without loosing a good amount of bean mush. Next time, I think I'll dry a 1:2 bean to water ratio.

Still looking for recipe ideas for these broken beans. I can't seem to find a phrase that google knows what I want to search for. Anyone out there have any recipes suggestions?
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