An easy recipe for beans and white rice. Any suggestions?

I have some brown and white beans . I'm not sure how to cook it over a stove and pour the mixture onto cooked white rice.

Jean Millien


Pegeen July 14, 2014
This is very close to the way a dear friend, raised in Puerto Rico, taught me:
Liza's K. July 14, 2014
I usually saute an onion in a little butter with some garlic, then add a couple cups of chicken broth and black beans and simmer. I also like to add whatever leftover vegetables I have in the fridge like red peppers, corn, squash, etc. and serve over rice. Very fast and easy.
erinbdm July 12, 2014
I love the black beans and rice recipe from the All New Joy of Cooking. I make it without the cup of diced tomatoes. Here's a link to the recipe:
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