What can you do with nettle?

Love the taste of nettle and would like to try out more recipes with nettle.

  • Posted by: Po
  • July 14, 2015


Lindsay-Jean H. July 16, 2015
Here are a few articles with ideas for the next batch: https://food52.com/blog/12388-your-favorite-ways-to-use-stinging-nettles, https://food52.com/blog/9935-stinging-nettles-and-the-best-ways-to-eat-them, and https://food52.com/blog/7163-a-few-bunches-of-stinging-nettles-5-dinners
Po July 15, 2015
Thank you guys! Just pluck some out from the backyard and blanched it. Our 6-year old nephew told us that he learnt at school you can make kettle chips and he demanded them! It was cute that he helped us picked out the leaves (with gloves on).
rt21 July 15, 2015
Also great as a soup
Maedl July 15, 2015
Begin by searching this site--I am sure we have discussed use of nettles here.

In Italian, nettles are called ortica. they are used for ravioli filling, pasta sauce, and a sauce for serving with meat. Many recipes are posted and you can easily check them out by googling.

I add them to frittatas and cook them as I would any green, with onions, garlic, bacon and hot peppers. Just be sure to cook (or parboil) them briefly before you eat them, and use gloves when you handle the uncooked stalks.
lem M. July 15, 2015
it works well in most recipes instead of spinach: simply blanched and dressed, creamed, mixed with ricotta as a pasta filling or for gnudi, in a quiche/frittata/galette, …
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