4 fresh, soft-shell crabs landed on me. NO clue prep/cook/eat! Have never even eaten them before. Looking for SIMPLEST EASIEST recipe ever please!!

I don't know to do anything with a soft-shell crab or even how to eat them. Looking for simple, and I mean SIMPLE, recipe. THANKS!

  • Posted by: sydney
  • July 17, 2015


amysarah July 18, 2015
Definitely agree that simple is best with soft shells. I've eaten them many ways, but my favorite is still my mom's - slip a tiny bit of Dijon under the shell, dredge in flour (Wondra works well here,) salt and pepper and saute in butter. To serve, just drizzle the browned butter over them and add a lemon wedge to squeeze on top. Perfect summer food.
Greenstuff July 17, 2015
Have they been cleaned? If not or you don't know, don't worry. It's easy. You can find simple diagrams or video on line to show you how to remove the eyes and gills.

Then, the absolute easiest thing to do, what I always do if I'm eating alone is to simply sauté them in butter. Can't get any easier than that, and they are delicious.
sydney July 17, 2015
Thank you! The label said "dressed" so I hoped -- haha -- that meant cleaned. Too late now, haha!
Greenstuff July 18, 2015
You would've known! Gills and eyes don't taste so great. Glad you had a good meal, one of my favorites.
sdebrango July 17, 2015
I usually dredge in seasoned flour and fry them. I just season with salt and pepper. Not much simpler than that. They only take a couple of minutes per side. You could get fancy and make a wine sauce. I like them with tartar sauce or lemon. They are wonderful. On a roll with remoulade is also delicous.
sydney July 17, 2015
Wow, THANKS! I did exactly as you said (no fancy sauce) and they're crazy good! Love the crunchy arms and legs! Gorgeous meat! Fun! [Stinky kitchen; oh, well.]
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