Can you cook raw, frozen rock crabs?

We bought 4 fresh/live rock crabs 2 days ago.. Didn't want them to die in the fridge so we threw them in the freezer because we knew we wouldn't be able to eat them until today. Now I am realizing it was probably the wrong thing to do. Is it still safe to boil and eat them (sacrificing texture and flavor) if they were frozen while still alive?

Yoojin Raburi Holmes


Pegeen May 5, 2014
p.s. Removing plastic wrap before you boil the defrosted crab
Pegeen May 5, 2014
Yes. The texture of the crab meat may change a little but if you have them, why not give it a try. Defrost them overnight in the fridge. Or for a faster method, wrap each crab in plastic wrap and defrost them in a sink of cold water, not hot water, about one hour for a 2-pound crab. Then boil as you like.
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