peanut butter chocolate popsickle (or should that be peanut butter fudgesicle?) recipe?

I'm dying for a (not terribly unhealthy) peanut butter chocolate popsicle.!(not terribly unhealthy: trying to keep away from processed sugar, processed foods and dairy products)

I've tried a few recipes, and so far the one in the link below (using coconut milk, cocoa powder, ripe bananas, peanut butter and honey) isn't bad, but still isn't hitting the right spot. The texture was too icey - my craving needs creamier! (I could also do without the banana flavor, though that isn't a deal-breaker).

How should I change it? Any alternative recipes?

  • Posted by: mirileh
  • July 25, 2015


Colleen S. July 26, 2015
I make pb popsicles with banana, peanut butter, cocoa powder and a little bit of coffee. And I honestly don't taste banana. Quick kinda recipe…
1 frozen banana. Big ass scoop peanut butter. Heaping tablespoon cocoa powder and a splash of coffee.. a tiny pinch of salt as well. Stick in a blender and blend, then scoop into molds……
Susan W. July 26, 2015
Thank you for the reminder. :) Here it is. I even went so far as to take my coconut milk can and turn it upside down in the fridge overnight. That separates the cream. I think if you use your recipe minus the banana, it will be good too. Be sure to report back.
Susan W. July 26, 2015
I meant to add..whole milk would make it icy as well. It's typically only 4% milk fat.
Susan W. July 25, 2015
I so get it. When I first got into the Paleo way of eating, I totally stopped eating any kind of dairy. Years later, I still keep it to a minimum. I found a fudgesicle recipe that was really good and not icy. I wouldn't want the banana flavor either. Let me find that recipe and I'll come back and post it or link it. I kind of forget where I found the one I liked.
Susan W. July 25, 2015
I just looked at your recipe. I would definitely use full fat coconut milk. That will get rid of the icy. I would leave the banana out. You may need to increase the honey to make up for the banana's sweetness. Still looking for that recipe I used.
mirileh July 26, 2015
Susan, please don't forget the recipe (my cravings are asking for it ;-))!

BTW, I originally used whole milk when making the recipe, so I guess it's not enough in itself to become creamy (instead of icy).
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