Cooler corn

Has anyone ever made "cooler corn"? It's where you shuck corn on the cob then place it in a cooler and cover with boiling water. You let it sit for about 30 minutes. I want to try this but using hotel pans. No yucky plastic for me. I am cooking for a very large crowd Saturday and this seems like the easiest way to do corn. Any thouqhts? I'm cooking about 100 ears of corn and I do have access to a grill. Just not sure if its possible to get that much corn done on the grill. I would love to hear if anyone has tried cooler corn. Thanks.

  • Posted by: KimmyV
  • July 26, 2015
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1 Comment

Nancy July 26, 2015
you're wise to avoid the plastic and yes use the hotel pans (presumably stainless steel).
And/or glass lasagna pans. see this Snopes site article for background.
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