Cooking without diary (cow) or corn.

I was recently diagnosed with two food allergies cows milk (dairy) and corn. I am 72 and have been cooking with dairy and corn all my life, now I must change my ways. Your recipes are wonderful and I enjoy your TV cooking program immensely, but, you use lots of butter and corn, neither can I use. It is hard to adapt many of these recipes. I do not like almond or soy milk. I can tolerate Goat's milk which helps. There are replacements for corn flour, like tiger nut flour, but I just don't how to use them. I know there are other people out there who have similar problems to mine, allergies to food. Some shows would be helpful. BTW, vegan cooking has been very helpful for me.

Regards, a big fan Alexis Cox

  • Posted by: PGNana
  • February 7, 2021


louisez February 8, 2021
Vegan butters and non-dairy milks work well. There are also vegan cheeses, sour cream, and cream cheese. Also vegan ravioli. Whole Foods has a good selection. These may not be exact analogs, and some experimenting may be needed, but they do work well.
Nancy February 8, 2021
How difficult to accommodate big gaps in one's pantry after a lifetime of cooking with them. There are loads of dairy-free sites and recipes out there.
For corn, two suggestions.
For eating corn, replace it in recipes with a carb food that you like - the same one may not fit all recipes, but that's the general idea (potatoes, peas, squash, bread).
For replacing cornmeal in baking and cooking, again, no one food will fill all the gaps. But consider (if you can eat them), buckwheat, wheat berries, quinoa, rice. They make lovely casseroles (for example, risotto and kasha varnishkes) and do well in baking.
Good luck in your learning, new cooking and eating!
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