If someone is stopping by for a hot toddy (testing one with whiskey and a ruby port that also has a bit of spice and some floating fruit) about 4ish, what do you serve with it as a nibble? Spiced nuts? Cheese? Chocolate?



healthierkitchen January 3, 2011
ummm, is this 4 today?
healthierkitchen January 3, 2011
How about a savory biscotti? More whole wheat than white flour and not too much sugar - maybe pear and rosemary or crystallized ginger and cardomom?
mrslarkin January 3, 2011
Spiced nuts? Cheese? Chocolate? Yes! Yes! And Yes! Some finger sandwiches and dainty cookies would be good too.
lifestooshort January 3, 2011
Maybe some tortas de aceite with manchego cheese and fig or quince jam. You can buy (expensive) tortas at Whole Foods and other gourmet shops, but if you have the time you can make them--here's a great recipe:
aargersi January 3, 2011
Charcuterie plate? Salty cured meats, cheese, good bread, jam or chutney or apple butter.
allie January 3, 2011
Ideally, that jam and blue cheese biscuit that was a finalist a couple of weeks ago. But I'd do nuts, chocolate, a hearty cracker if whipping those up isn't realistic.
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