Food52 just had post on hot weather dinner ideas-can't find it on website. Was within the last 2 weeks...

  • Posted by: Anie
  • July 30, 2015


AntoniaJames July 30, 2015
There was also this one:, two weeks ago. I found it by doing this Google search: Food52 summer hot. ;o)
Susan W. July 30, 2015
AJ-I see you've had the cold sauce. Here's my question to you. I have some chopped fresh basil with a little olive oil and some Marcella Hazan tomato sauce (the one with butter) in my freezer. I'm thinking of combining them, adding minced garlic, let it sit overnight and using it as the cold sauce. A bit of a hack, but I think it sounds promising. Thoughts?
AntoniaJames July 30, 2015
Susan, that should work fine, but (i) bring the cold sauce to room temperature, or at least take it out of the fridge before you put on your pasta water and (ii) make sure you toss the sauce with the pasta the instant you drain the pasta, as you will need the heat to melt the hardened butter component of the sauce.

Frankly, though, please consider saving your Hazan sauce for something else. This recipe works perfectly with a can of high quality crushed tomatoes. Unless you don't have a can of tomatoes on hand, and cannot easily get one, I strongly recommend that you use the Hazan sauce on its own for another purpose. ;o)
Susan W. July 30, 2015
Yes, I definitely would bring sauce to room temp. No shortage of available good canned tomatoes (as in across the street),'s one of those cleaning out the freezer to get ready for my summer bounty (I freeze rather than can) and have enough basil and partial amount of the tomato sauce along with 3 oz (perfect portion for me) of dried spaghetti, so giving it a go. I'll try the original version soon as well and will compare. :) It's also 100 degrees out here, so avoiding the great outdoors.
AntoniaJames July 30, 2015
Susan, I totally understand. Go for it, and let us know how it works out! Cheers. ;o)
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 30, 2015
Is this it?
Anie July 30, 2015
Many thanks!! We are melting, day 4 so I am a little crazed!
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