It is hot as heck and I don't have a grill or a/c -- any dinner ideas?

I've had rotisserie chicken (in salad and peanut noodle forms) and antipasto platters and hummus/vegetables galore. What dinner ideas do you have that involve little to no use of the stove?



ChefOno June 26, 2013

Or two words, "microwave oven". Average energy use is only about 1/3 that of a conventional oven to accomplish the same task = 2/3 less heat in the kitchen. If you're looking for crispy, two other words: "toaster oven".

When you do fire up a burner, cook two or three times as much as you need for one meal and stock your freezer with the remainder. Defrost in the refrigerator and reheat in the microwave.

bigpan June 26, 2013
One word answer = gazpacho !
Pegeen June 26, 2013
If you have any tiny outdoor space, like a fire escape ladder, small patio, driveway... use a small camping propane stove. You can cook just about anything. But never put yourself or your neighbors at risk.

Perfect time to visit relatives.

avimom June 26, 2013
Mark Bittman's old NYTimes column once had 101 ideas for dinner without heating up your kitchen. This one is similar:
healthierkitchen June 26, 2013
salade nicoise! tuna from a jar, lettuce tomatoes and just a pot on the stove to lightly boil an egg or two and blanch some green beans!
aargersi June 26, 2013
Ohohoh! Spring rolls! The soft cold kind. Loads on this site:
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 26, 2013
Doesn't spicy/hot spices cool the body in dishes?
Abby A. June 26, 2013
I don’t get my ac unit until tomorrow and it’s been 90 degrees the past 3 days. Am surviving on salads mostly with preserved fish for protein such anchovies & tuna for a nicoise type of salad or sardines and even some smoked trout. I also got a delicious smoked tofu that I put over salad. Good luck and above all, stay hydrated.
aargersi June 26, 2013
We are hitting 103 by Friday! Yowza! My mind goes to things like chicken salad, egg salad and the like - the chicken / eggs can be prepared in advance so at dinner it's just a matter of assembly. I am also considering a panzanella tonight or tomorrow ...

I love this salad:
ChefJune June 26, 2013
Grains are great in salads. And it's a great way to turn leftover fish or meat into a whole new meal. some greens, some grains, some meat or fish. Toss it all with a citrusy vinaigrette to keep everything light and fresh.
prandial June 26, 2013
Thank you all for your help -- do you ever use grains (wheat berries, farro, etc.) to make a salad? I am trying the braised cabbage tonight!
Kristen W. June 26, 2013
Oh, sorry, just reread that you're sick of antipasto platters -- oh well!
Kristen W. June 26, 2013
When it gets really hot I sometimes just assemble myself an antipasto plate from a good deli or deli section, and add good bread and an arugula and chickpea salad with some shaved parm. Sometimes it's OK to assemble instead of cook!.
Maedl June 26, 2013
Right now I am looking back longingly on the heat of last week. The sun disappeared on Friday and we've had constant rain and pewter skies since. The temps (in the 50s) make winter fare sound appropriate.
Maedl June 26, 2013
I had the same dilemma last week. I ended up making grain and bean salads. If you use canned chick peas or other beans, you don't have to cook anything. Lentils and most grains cook relatively quickly and you can do that earlier in the day before the heat intensifies.
boulangere June 26, 2013
I've been doing the same, Maedl. I've got a bowl of black beans soaking for the day, and I'll cook them overnight in my slow cooker, then drain and cool them tomorrow morning.
Monita June 26, 2013
Pan fried tuna steak or salmon filet is really quick and with just a little seasoning can be delicious. Make a cold soup - gazpacho or a fruit soup to go with hit. Have a wine and cheese "party" -- get a selection of cheeses; some interest spreads and fruit paired with a crusty bread and a cold glass of wine. We do this with a Fairway baquette
boulangere June 26, 2013
It's pretty hot here, too. I made this last night for dinner, and had plenty left over for lunch today. While last night's dinner required minimal heat, today's lunch calls for none! Braised Cabbage with Rice Noodle Salad:
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