Baking a cheesecake and I want to substitute trader joes lemon curd for the lemon curd made from scratch in recipe. I know I can swap them but I nee

sorry this is about the trader joes lemon curd cheesecake problem. Didn't know I posted already. I need to thin the curd out so I can pour it on top of baked cheesecake. Any ideas on what to thin it out with?

kay nielsen


boulangere August 8, 2015
At the same time, I find myself wondering if you actually need to do anything to it at all. That said, I'm not familiar with the trader joe's product, but I make an industrial strength lemon curd that can serve multiple uses from filling baked Danish pastries to lemon meringue tarts. Or topping a cheesecake. I suspect that once you dump
(Sorry, can't think of a more elegant term) it onto your cheesecake and begin moving it about with a spatula, the protiens and fats will loosen up from the friction of being moved about. Once you've spread it all about, simply return it to the refrigerator to set it up once again. Please let us know which option you choose and how turns out for you.
amysarah August 8, 2015
A little limoncello would thin it out and give it a kick.
Susan W. August 8, 2015
I love that idea. TJ's lemon curd is tasty, but really is very stiff.
PieceOfLayerCake August 8, 2015
Sometimes just warming it up will do the trick.
Susan W. August 8, 2015
I'd use cream or 1/2 & 1/2 or maybe lemon juice if it's super sweet.
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