What is a more tender cut eye round or bottom round?? And Would it be possible if u can share a good yummy recipe?? thanx =)



Brian September 20, 2019
I smoke mine for about 3 hrs. till temp is 135 and delicious tender greatness.
mainecook61 January 4, 2011
Both are relatively tough cuts, the eye even more than the bottom, I think. A long long braise of some sort is called for. I would be inclined to cut it up as stewing beef rather than keep it whole. We raise beef ourselves, and those are two cuts I always have ground into hamburger! Good luck.
usuba D. January 4, 2011
The eye & bottom round are from the same part of the round called the goose neck. Personally, I feel both are better braised, but can be roasted, if not cooked more than medium rare. Both cuts have very little flavour, since both do not offer much marbling.
nutcakes January 4, 2011
/eye of round is a little more tender. The CI method really saves it, but you still need to slice thinly. I did a modified version of the CI method and it beat conventional roasting hands down.

And here is their guide on tough cuts.

You might also like to try using it for Chicaco Italian beef sandwiches.
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