Measuring ricotta for Lousia's Cake

The recipe for Lousia's Cake ( calls for one cup of ricotta. Should I use a dry measure cup or a liquid measure cup? Or can I use my scale to weigh eight ounces?

Dea Henrich


Smaug August 27, 2015
Use the dry measure- it's easier and more accurate for anything that might mound at all.
PieceOfLayerCake August 27, 2015
Although it doesn't really matter between the two, if your ricotta is quite fluid, I would stir it up and measure it in a wet measure. If its firmer, I would use a dry measure. When you try to convert recipes to weight without testing first, especially with ingredients that vary in texture, it can get complicated. What I suggest, if you plan on making this again, it to measure the cheese volumetrically, then weigh it. If the recipe is successful, continue using that measurement for a bit more consistency. I do that often with recipes.
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