Can I make this recipe w/o an electric mixer & just hand-mix the ingredients?

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Recipe question for: Chocolate Chip Cookies


702551 August 29, 2015
Japanese chefs whip eggs with chopsticks.

Anyhow, people have been cooking long before there were modern conveniences like electric appliances. They lighten some of the manual labor, but it's important to remember that billions of people used to cook without the aid of something that plugs into a wall.

Heck, there are probably several billion people on this planet right now without an electric mixer or food processor.
Smaug August 29, 2015
There are very few, if any, recipes you can't make without a mixer or food processor. I used to know a lady who made cookies with a chopstick- utterly awesome.
Jade W. September 1, 2015
Awesome! Thanks :) And that is pretty cool, never seen that before. I use chopsticks for a lot of things in the kitchen too--it's often more convenient. Just never mixed cookie batter before haha
Susan W. August 29, 2015
Sure. I like the way cookies turn out when mixed by hand with a wooden spoon. Somehow they seem more tender.
Jade W. September 1, 2015
Thank you Susan! I like hand-mixing because I feel like it's part of the baking experience :)
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