Both frozen juice concentrate and creme fraiche are not available in the place I live. Can I substitute these two indredients with something else?

  • Posted by: lulu
  • September 4, 2015


Nancy September 6, 2015
Here's a way to make creme fraiche at home

Another possibility to replace the frozen juice concentrate is to use a shelf-stable juice concentrate - depending on your preference or what you think best goes with the carrot - like Ribena (blackcurrant) or Pomegranate Syrup (also called Pomegrante Molasses, but has no molasses in it).
Nancy September 6, 2015
PS didn't see oldunc post until I'd written mine. recipe for homemade creme fraiche is same.
PieceOfLayerCake September 5, 2015
The concentrate can really be substituted for any flavorful liquid such as regular juice, they're slightly different in sugar concentrations so you can either just add it in and wind up with a slightly different texture, or concentrate it yourself by reducing it by at least half, and cooling it. The crème fraîche can be switched out for either yogurt or sour cream. Crème fraîche tends to be more fluid than many sour cream varieties, closer to yogurt in consistency, so if you use a thick sour cream, just thin it out with either some milk or a bit of water.
Smaug September 5, 2015
The closest substitute is Mexican crema, available at Mexican groceries and many supermarkets. You can make your own by adding 1 tsp. buttermilk to 1 c. heavy cream, and letting it stand at room temperature 1-3 days until thickened (should be a little thinner than sour cream).
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