Suggestions for calming down the heat in spicy dishes for young children? Something not too caloric, so no sour cream or creme fraiche.

I'm talking here about pressure cooker curries, Tex-Mex, kind of dishes, so doing two different sauces isn't really an option.

Chocolate Be


gretel January 30, 2018
I agree, that adding the spice later will sometimes not be best. Have you considered adding honey to a too hot chili? In addition to serving it over a neutral carb, like rice, mashed potato, rice, polenta? My older children have responded well to this.
Chocolate B. January 30, 2018
Thanks for the suggestions. Doing a stew-like dish in two parts doesn't work with a pressure cooker. If you add chiles, etc., after the fact, they never really meld with the sauce, have a raw taste.

Love the idea of Greek yogurt, though, and I know that will work. I have six grandchildren and am well aware of taste sensibilities. They all like v. flavorful food, but sometimes not as much heat as the adult cohort. Thanks to everybody for the answers.
Nancy January 30, 2018
Thanks for update, Chocolate Be
Given your cooking & people (2-phase pressure cooking doesn't work; the children like spice but less than adults), maybe there's one more possibility.
Cook the dish (chili, curry, whatever) fully to children's taste. Serve that for all.
Make or serve a condiment of the heightened spicing separately, for the adults to add at table. E g., hot sauce, harissa, curry gravy.
Anyway, you've got it solved with the yogurt...just noodling other possibilities.
boymeetsgirlmeetsfood January 29, 2018
I'd use greek yogurt, goes with Tex-Mex too!
MMH January 28, 2018
Greek yogurt
Nancy January 28, 2018
Children's taste buds are more acute of sensitive than those of adults.
You don't have to make two dishes.
Just make one dish in two phases:
First (80-90%) without the high spicing & set aside for children.
Second (10-20%) add spices and finish dor adults.
hardlikearmour January 28, 2018
I'd make the dish low heat, pull out the kids portion, then add in hot sauce, cayenne, etc... to the remainder, otherwise just make the dish low heat and have spicy condiments to add for the folks who want them.
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