I've got dark meat chicken and eggplant, any good ideas?

nate thorne


amysarah September 8, 2015
If you search under NY Times (couple of years ago, can't recall exactly,) there's a recipe for a chicken and egglant Tagine with olives that's very good.
Michelle September 8, 2015
Make chicken cacciatore. Dice the eggplant and add with the peppers.
inpatskitchen has a good recipe on this site:
Kristen W. September 8, 2015
You could also do a Thai-style stir fry with the chicken (easier if it's off the bone already), eggplant, and basil (Thai basil if you have access to it).
Nancy September 7, 2015
If you have (or have easy access to) a few more vegetables, make a version of ratatouille or confit biyaldi (the Thomas Keller recipe that was used in the movie Ratatouille), add your dark meat chicken, a bottle of red wine (Rhone valley if possible) and voila, a meal.
Nancy September 7, 2015
P.S. If you have no more veg, or don't want to go out, you can grill or roast both the chicken and eggplant, and serve as sandwich filling, or topping for rice or pasta.
Susan W. September 7, 2015
This is one of my favorite go to chicken recipes. Someone on this site had recommended it and it's a winner. I think roasting off big chunks of eggplant and adding it at the end would be amazing. In fact, I just may have this very dish tonight with rice and a simple green salad with an Asian dressing.
Susan W. September 7, 2015
Oops..forgot the link.
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