freezing tomato soup

Just found a recipe for a Roasted tomato soup. Would love to make a big batch with the last of the fresh tomatoes. Any opinions on freezing a large pot into single serving portions. Here is the link to the recipe -

Lucia from Madison


MMH September 24, 2015
i have done this for years with my own recipe. i make it in the thickest version possible. in other word, i leave out water or stock. I freeze in 2 c potions in freezer bags. i lay the bags flat on a rimmed baking sheet in the freezer so they store easily. then, when i want to use it i can adjust to the thickness I want for either soup or sauce. it works very well. when defrosted you can adjust with wine or fresh herbs for whatever use you choose.
amysarah September 21, 2015
I haven't made that specific recipe, but I make a similar roasted tomato soup (recipe is here) that I've frozen - freezes very well.
Susan W. September 21, 2015
Yes, I freeze tomatoes, tomato sauce and tomato soup all the time. I love having summer tomato dishes to pull out in the middle of winter.
702551 September 21, 2015
I use plastic pint containers from the hardware store for freezing stock, stews, soups, etc. I'll unmold these, then reheat over the stove in a pot, or occasionally microwave in a glass jar. I do not microwave plastic.

You could use glass Mason jars if plastic freaks you out. Sometimes, I run out of plastic pint containers, so I switch to Mason jars.

The square plastic pint containers do stack better and are a more efficient use of space. I buy a new set every couple of years and recycle the old ones.
ktr September 21, 2015
Two things to remember if freezing in mason jars ate to use wide mouth jars (the straighter the sides, the less likely they will break) and to leave plenty of room at the top for expansion.
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