bananas with american cheese?

mr. rogers did it! anyone else? do you pair bananas with anything else others consider "strange"?

Caroline Lange


PieceOfLayerCake September 25, 2015
I make a salad with spinach, sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, jewel cherry tomatoes, avocado and sliced banana. Its incredible. I don't know if that's strange, but some consider the avocado-banana pairing odd.
hardlikearmour September 25, 2015
I've made this before, and it's tasty albeit on the sweet side:
Bevi September 25, 2015
I make a delicious banana and coconut raita from The Vegetarian Epicure Book II by Anna Thomas.
dinner A. September 25, 2015
We already eat too many bananas -- they are in general a very environmentally destructive crop. Caroline, as a Food52 editor, please don't encourage your readership to eat them in more ways (and thus more of them).
amysarah September 25, 2015
If I have an over ripe banana on hand, I'll chop it up and add it to curry (especially if I'm using coconut milk.) It melts into the sauce and adds subtle sweetness without tasting assertively banana-y. Also helps thicken it a bit.
Nancy September 25, 2015
Sometimes as garnish for curried stew or rijstaffel.
HalfPint September 24, 2015
banana and bacon sandwich. strange enough?
scruz September 24, 2015
i have never really like bananas until recently. now i throw them on dinner salads with a lot of other fruit. formerly to eat bananas i would put them on toast with honey and peanut butter.
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