Banana bread with banana topping

I'm in the middle of cooking banana bread with a halved banana on top for decoration. I'm using a 9x5 nonstick pan lined with parchment paper. I never have trouble with banana bread *except* when I do a banana o top. I've only done it once before and it was raw under the bananas in the centre of the loaf. I just checked after an hour of baking at 350, and the edges are cooked while the centre between/under the banana halves is raw. Is there any way I can salvage this? I've never seen instructions in a recipe to do anything else with the banana on top except slice and out it on... So I've no idea why I'm having so much trouble. Please and thanks!

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1 Comment

Emmie January 1, 2018
Usually when I add banana to the top of banana bread, I just do two lines of thinly-sliced bananas on the very edge (inspired by the Cook's Illustrated recipe Since they're just on the edge, it doesn't hinder the cooking, and it apparently helps the rise. It seems like a whole halved banana could insulate the batter around it and prevent it from cooking and rising properly. If you want that effect, though, maybe try a long thin slice of banana in the middle!
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