Open bottle half-full of rose champagne in my fridge sealed with stopper, for a week...can I use for poaching fruit? How long before tossing?

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Bevi September 30, 2015
Add to your preserves if you are making jams or conserves, or chutneys.
PieceOfLayerCake September 29, 2015
A rosé-raspberry granita has a nice ring to it....
ChefJune September 29, 2015
sounds like a fabulous choice for poaching fruit. I'd also probably reduce the poaching liquid to make a memorable and unique sauce for the results. Pears? [You're talking to the "Champagne Lassie" here... :D
Two T. September 29, 2015
thank you all!!
sydney September 29, 2015
Once it's been opened and left for more than a number of hours (unless closed under a truly superior closure/protection system) it's finished as far as its original intent. At this point it just doesn't matter; you could keep it for weeks before using as a poaching liquid. (I'm finishing WSET Diploma and work in the drinks industry.)

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cookbookchick September 29, 2015
Toss it?? No! I keep containers of leftover wine in my fridge to be used for cooking purposes indefinitely. If I had room in my freezer, I would freeze them. But after only a week? Poach away! Sounds delicious!
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