Favorite/Best brand of panko breadcrumbs?

I'm looking for something that crisps reliably for chicken fingers/cutlets/etc that can also be used in meatballs if needed...what's your go-to brand?

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Vivien P. January 3, 2024
Been using Edward and Sons organic panko for years, the best crispy breaded anything. For a finer crumb I will pulse it in a food processor.
Dan M. September 7, 2019
AMAZING reading this old post. Almost no one answers the question. I had the same question, but really no valuable information here. What really gets me is the lady who thinks panko tastes like plain white bread (panko is made from a special bread cooked only with electrical current, no heat or oven). Or others talking about their American bread crumbs. The question was what brands of actual panko people prefer. Sheesh.
ChefJune October 6, 2015
I keep a bag of Panko on hand, but mostly I make my own crumbs from whatever stale bread is on hand.
E E. October 6, 2015
To me, Japanese panko tastes a lot like Pepperidge Farm white bread, turned into crumbs in the food processor and baked. It's not quite the same texture, but will do as a substitute if need be.
foodforthought October 3, 2015
we bake a lot of bread here...so we occasionally cube a stale ciabatta or sourdough loaf from 3 days ago... bake at 300+/- until dry and crunchy. bag some for the next caesar salad and toss in the cuisanart processing until as fine or coarse as desired. store in freezer. always have some on hand. running out of bread crumbs is almost a crisis. sometimes we toss the cubes in some olive oil and herbs before roasting.
Jan W. October 2, 2015
Just buy one with as few additives as possible - and store in an airtight container or vacuum-saver bag. As I recall - Roland makes a nice Panko that's made in the USA. I think Trader Joe's label also makes a respectable Panko. There are myriads more Japanese labels if you go to a Japanese grocer, but be careful to look at the ingredients because some are panko mixes for special recipe purposes and not the plain type.

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Bevi October 1, 2015
I am totally happy with either Ian's or Trader Joe's for my purposes - mostly as an ingredient in meat loaves or stuffed peppers and for breading.
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