Furniture Cleaner

Looking for a good eco-friendly product to clean/polish my antique furniture. Any suggestions?

Helen markovich


WileyP October 3, 2015
Good ol' Murphy Oil Soap for cleaning and MinWax Furniture Wax to finish it off.
Smaug October 3, 2015
Generally good advice, but if they're real antiques, you need to consult an expert; old finishes can be very vulnerable, and refinishing will greatly diminish the monetary value of the pieces. When renewing a wax finish it is best to use a liquid type wax; old wax will absorb dirt and impurities over time and the high amount of solvents in the liquid wax will dissolve the old wax, releasing the dirt. However, the solvents in these products (and all waxes contain them) tend to be pretty volatile chemicals.
Helen M. October 4, 2015
Thank you!
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