Simple swaps for a more eco-friendly lifestyle

We’d love to hear about some of the simple, sustainable swaps you’ve made at home, and what's working well for you.

Emily Kochman


Gammy April 9, 2021
Firstly, anyone who is starting sustainable swaps, must already be taking their own grocery bags to the store. I also have a set of small to medium lightweight mesh produce bags to use for all those single items instead of grabbing one of those flimsy plastic bags from a roll above the carrots. Secondly, I am very careful to always purchase wild-caught seafood rather than farm-raised. Farm-raised shrimp coming from Indonesia is NOT a sustainable source. Likewise, tilapia and Atlantic salmon.
Nancy April 12, 2021
Gammy, I didn't know about and like the idea of mesh bags from home to replace the flimsy plastic bags in the produce section.
Also, I am similarly careful about buying seafood, checking in every so often with the list from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.
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