What are some interesting non-alcoholic, not sweet drinks to serve with veal stuffed peppers at a weeknight celebration dinner? We're a little tired of sparkling water w lime.



SouthernCooking January 6, 2011
We are fans of Basil Lemonade. I make a Simple Syrup then add a cup or so of fresh crushed basil while the syrup is cooling. Then I use the Basil Simple Syrup to make lemonade. The longer the basil sits and the more you use, the stronger the basil flavor. I haven't tried it, but it occurs to me that you could add sparkling water to the lemonade to give it effervescence.
Alixe&Lorenzo January 6, 2011
Another great suggestion from Syronai
beyondcelery January 6, 2011
Something I do occasionally: Blend 1/2 fresh cucumber in a blender with about 1 tsp lime juice and 3-4 cubes ice. Mix equal parts with ginger ale and float frozen blueberries in it. It's delicious, looks really festive, and stays cold a long time because of the blueberries! It's good with rum as well, but completely holds its own without the alcohol.
veghead January 5, 2011
Dry Sodas are my favorite food friendly non alc drink. Flavors like cucumber, rhubarb, and lavender...just to name a few. Not too sweet. Really yummy!!!
Alixe&Lorenzo January 5, 2011
Thanks for disclosing, i'm whipping up the ginger lime brew tonight. Thanks for this.
lastnightsdinner January 5, 2011
There are some more ideas here: http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/12/party-planning-non-alcoholic-drinks-mocktails.html (full disclosure - my husband wrote this piece :) )
susan G. January 5, 2011
We love Knudson's Sparkling Cranberry Juice -- it has been a constant at our Thanksgivings.
Alixe&Lorenzo January 5, 2011
I'm intrigued, many thanks... Especially since your note arrives while I'm about to enter Whole Foods.
shindig January 5, 2011
I had a non-alcoholic fermented soda from Whole Foods that was a nice change of pace (Light Red): http://www.cheerscascal.com/
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