What should i serve with stuffed peppers?

What should I serve withs southwest stuffed peppers?



Meaghan F. November 11, 2015
If your peppers are what I'm picturing (stuffed with a mix of meat, tomato-based sauce, and rice, with melted cheese on top) you probably want something that will add some texture and bright flavors. A crunchy slaw, especially jicama-based, would be a great option; you could also do roasted potatoes or other sturdy root veg (sprinkled with a cumin-chili-cinnamon combo, maybe, to keep the southwestern vibe going).
Kristen W. November 11, 2015
What exactly are you stuffing them with?
Rachelwrites November 11, 2015
Ground beef rice corn .beans. And then cheese and sour cream on top.
Nancy November 10, 2015
For Tex-Mex dinner, add some beer and - if there's no starch in the peppers - some rice.
To end the meal, a sweet jalapeño pie for dessert.
For the fresh berries, since we're out of season, substitute frozen or another fruit.
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