OK, so I just made the pumpkin salted caramels -- now how do I clean up my whisk, pot, etc??



betteirene October 31, 2010
LOL, Michael Hoffman. And I thought I was the only comedian on this site. Will you be here al week? ; )
Michael H. October 31, 2010
You are very welcome. I accept payment via cash, check or caramels. ;)
KitchenLittle October 31, 2010
thanks to both -- it worked like a charm ... now if I could just speed time so the caramels cool enough to cut and eat them!
Mr_Vittles October 31, 2010
Just fill the pot up with water and a few drops of soap. Boil it for awhile until the all the burnt sugar comes off form the sides of the pot.
KitchenLittle October 31, 2010
thanks! I was thinking boiling was going to be the answer -- but I don't want to accidentally make more caramel :)
Michael H. October 31, 2010
Hot water is going to be your friend here. Boil water in the pot. Soak your whisk in there too. The sugar should dissolve.
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