Lunch in Charlotte NC?

We will be in Charlotte for one day, meeting a friend for lunch - any suggestions? I am particularly interested in low country cooking, and my hubby would love pulled pork and slaw ...


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passifloraedulis October 8, 2015

These are suggestions I'm passing along from a friend:

Dish: a classic hole-in-the-wall "meat and three." Features biscuits and gravy as a side items, 'nuff said.

Price's Chicken Coop: fried chicken, sides, and sweet tea. No tables.

Midwood Smokehouse: great BBQ, but more TX style than NC style. Get the "burnt ends" and save room for banana pudding.

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SilverSage October 9, 2015

Charlotte NC isn't considered 'Low Country' . That's a term used for coastal South Carolina & Georgia; think generally from Charleston to Savannah and just a bit beyond. Charlotte NC is in the Piedmont, and area of higher elevation approaching the Appalachian Mountains.

That said, you will find some good Southern Cooking and good barbecue in Charlotte. But Charlotte is not a southern city in the true sense. It's a large financial center with a very cosmopolitan population and a high percentage of transplants from other States.

There are 2 distinct styles of BBQ in North Carolina, Eastern & Western. Neither is the 'pulled pork' simmered in sauce from the mid-west. They are both dry rub BBQ low & slow, sliced or chopped, then served with sauces on the side. The difference between East & West NC is in the sauces.

Stick with BBQ. Save the low-country cooking for SC & Georgia.

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