Any stellar all-metal travel mugs? Trying not to pour hot coffee into plastic, and seeking a well-made, leak-proof option.



Hilarybee January 6, 2011
I'm a little late, but I am going heap praises on my Joemo travel mug. Double sealed, has an inner seal and a pop out top. All metal, no BPA.

I got one for my husband at a local coffee establishment. He's had it about three years. I got one for myself about 18 months ago. Both are holding steady, despite numerous road trips, and one unfortunate fall from a friend's SUV.
deensiebat January 6, 2011
Thanks for all the tips! The Thermos Nissan seems like a great option -- I esp. like that it can be both sipped and sealed without much fuss. Farewell, BPA!
Blissful B. January 6, 2011
Oops. I forgot to provide a link. Here it is:
Blissful B. January 6, 2011
I'm the 3rd fan of Thermos mugs. I use the Thermos Nissan - you can sip "on the go" & then tighten the lid & throw it in your backpack & it won't leak. It's stainless steel inside, but with a leakproof plastic top. I think if you want leakproof, you need to have plastic on the top. At least Thermos uses BPA-free plastic.
Raquelita January 6, 2011
i love my Innate 17-oz vacuum-sealed travel thermos. HOWEVER it is not for sipping on the go and that is a draw-back. Still, if you don't need to be drinking it while you are driving, it's a great one, keeps your drink hot or cold for hours--just teach yourself how the sealing mechanism works before your first outing with it or you will have drips. The rest of this shopping site is great for all sorts of reusable packages:
drbabs January 6, 2011
We're also fans of Thermos mugs, but don't put them in the dishwasher.
hardlikearmour January 5, 2011
My husband and I have been happy with our Contigo travel mugs. Sometimes you can get 2 at Costco for $20.
betteirene January 5, 2011
Check for stainless steel products that are BPA-free (Thermos is committed to it.
Kayb January 5, 2011
All mine are trade show/vendor giveaways and advertise various products or companies. All will leak eventually, when the gasket on the top gives way. Actually, my favorite is a plastic one with a plastic snap-on lid and no gasket; it's lasted longest without springing a leak, and goes in the dishwasher without complaint. That said, if you don't have access to the giveaways, Coleman makes a good one; get it in the camping/sporting goods section of your local giant discount store.
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