Spiked cider

Does anyone know of a good spiked cider recipe? Is this even a thing? Preferably cold, like a punch.



Stephanie October 16, 2015
I think (space permitting) that this would be a really fun 'be your own bartender' opportunity. Assemble an assortment of spirits (bourbon, scotch, cinnamon schnapps, St. Germain, Calvados, vodka) and some simple ingredients (lemons, oranges, brandied cherries, bitters) and let each individual go to town!

Alternately, you could probably try a variation on the Sidewalker concept - Hefeweizen, lemon, maple syrup, apple, soda.
Stephanie October 16, 2015
Here's Bon Appetit's version as a possible starting point (swapping in the cider and adjusting the soda, maple syrup, etc)

mobloom October 15, 2015
This was a huge hit at our wedding (and at many parties after):

4 oz. cider
1 oz. bourbon
1/4 oz. St. Germain liqueur
squeeze of lime
serve over ice

Easy to mix in small or big batches. Enjoy!
mrslarkin October 15, 2015
This sounds fab!!! Will definitely give it a try. I LOVE St. Germain.
rt21 October 15, 2015
If you can find babysham.... It is a light pear cider would work nicely with you're Apple cider
mrslarkin October 15, 2015
Will look for that, rt21. Thank you!
Bevi October 15, 2015
I know some crazy kids who mixed equal parts white wine and apple cider and claimed it the most delicious beverage ever.
mrslarkin October 15, 2015
Nancy October 15, 2015
Are you thinking of adding alcohol to apple juice (aka cider) or making a punch with already-fermented cider?
In any case, this recipe uses both:
Sound like what you want to use, were looking for?
mrslarkin October 15, 2015
Thanks Nancy! I'm using regular cider and want to add booze.
inpatskitchen October 15, 2015
Here you go Mrs. Larkin...Best Punch Contest Winner:
mrslarkin October 15, 2015
Thanks ipk!!! Sounds yummy.
mrslarkin October 15, 2015
Oh. My God. I made this one. It's soooo good. Highly recommend.
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