Greetings everyone. I notice that folks often give a list of ingredients and ask for ideas/recipes that will use those ingredients. I posted a site for one of the foodpickle questions, but thought that perhaps, this would be a way for more people to become aware of this site. Although this says that it is a Google Recipe Search, it states that it is NOT a Google project, it just uses Google to find the recipes. It is actually connected with Stanford. You enter the ingredients you want to use, and the site comes up with recipes that use those ingredients. It would be fun to try it with the odd ingredients that they come up with on the Food Network show "Chopped". Here is the link. When I posted this last time, the link did not copy completely. You may need to highlight it, and then copy and paste it. Have fun with it.

bella s.f.


Blissful B. January 11, 2011 is another great resource. I use it all the time when I have an odd ingredient leftover & want to try a new recipe.
bella S. January 8, 2011
I thought that food pickle was for advice, suggestions, discussions, etc. On cooking/food issues, questions, and problems. People started to get upset when people wrote and asked for a recipe for a particular dish. Folks tried to say that in many different ways. Now it seems that people are giving a list of ingredients and asking what they could make with those ingredients. I was offering a way that they could find recipes using those ingredients. Are there other ways to access those recipes? Of course. That just happens to be one that I found years ago and still have bookmarked. Yes, food52 is a source of wonderful recipes. However, is anyone getting rid of all of their cookbooks and other sources of recipes, and solely using food52? As far as the Food Network is concurred, if it something that I watch sometimes when I am sick and stretched out on the sofa, or while I am folding laundry, and you feel that that says something bad about me, so be it. I don't understand comments that are mean-spirited. I know one person who dismissed food pickle after getting a couple of responses to her questions that were, in her words, "a bit snotty". Perhaps I am too sensitive, but if this is how my friend felt, and how I am feeling now, perhaps we all need to think about what we are saying, and/or how we are saying it. I do thank those of you who were, and are, positive and supportive.

happycao January 7, 2011
Yes I noticed that new food52 application, that's a good idea! Good thinking Amanda and Merrill!
AntoniaJames January 7, 2011
Plus, I just noticed in the question posed recently about Moroccan chicken and couscous, that a new feature has appeared, in which three recipes with photos appear under the heading, "You might like these recipes" (or something along those lines). ;o)
AntoniaJames January 7, 2011
I'm with pierino on this one (on all counts, actually) as usual . . . what I love about foodpickle is that when you ask for a recipe, you often get one on food52, especially ones that people have tried and/or tinkered with, and provided commentary on. I like the editorial add-ons here. But I do very much appreciate having the various links, as additional resources, when my PicklePals are off doing other things and I'm in a jam . . . . .;o)

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pierino January 7, 2011
I must add though, that I thought Pickle was about advising from your own experience rather than Googling or Epicuriousing, as in a first responder who understands your need. Anyone can Google and Anyone does. But of course I hate "Chopped" and think that Ted Allen is almost the most annoying person on FoodTV. Of course practically everyone there is annoying.
Kayb January 7, 2011
The foodieview website also does something similar -- it searches several of the larger recipe collections.
happycao January 7, 2011
So the standford link isnt the same as just typing it into google itself?
happycao January 7, 2011
thank you for that rec... because sometimes google can be hard to find recipes that incorporate your specific ingredients that isn't already famous.
this is another recipe search through ingredients website:
but perhaps more "college-y"
mrslarkin January 6, 2011
Looks like it's identical to if you plug in ingredients + the word "recipes" into the Google. I came up with two exact searches.
nutcakes January 6, 2011
Let's see if this works

I got good results on 'preserved lemon'
bella S. January 6, 2011
Yeap. It happened again. You need to highlight from the http: all the way through... recipe.html
I hope that it works for you.
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