Not a food question............doesn't anyone check the recipes before they are posted?

I just commented on a recipe where the note & instructions made ZERO sense & one of the ingredients was listed as a "nut of butter"! I would be helpful to your viewers if the recipes were usable.

Kristine Hanna


sexyLAMBCHOPx December 30, 2011
Probably, "knob of butter". Agree with all.
Louisa December 30, 2011
Wouldn't it be boring if Food52 was perfect?!
Our mistakes offer us an opportunity to help each other and to laugh at ourselves.
Bevi December 30, 2011
Bevi December 30, 2011
The phrase "nut of bitter" was used by many famous cooks including the immortal MFK Fisher.
Bevi December 28, 2011
We have all made mistakes when publishing recipes, and in fact while the site was going through the revamp, there were technical glitches that caused ingredients and steps to be inadvertently omitted. In your own posting here, Kristine Hanna, you omitted a "t" so your last sentence takes on a whole new meaning which you did not intend to impart. So we have a "Hello Pot, my name is Kettle" situation here.

boulangere December 28, 2011
It's indeed a supportive community. I've been know to accidentally omit an ingredient or instruction here and there (like when to add the dry ingredients to cake batter), and it's been kindly pointed out to me.
SKK December 28, 2011
One of the greatest joys of the site is the dialogue available between the contributors. I have learned so much by asking questions of the poster of the recipe. And when I have made my many mistakes, have been supported by this community as they give me generous feedback. This site is real time and I love it!

luvcookbooks December 30, 2011
Can only add that this site has sold me on the Internet in my middle age. Only joined the site as a way to keep reading Amanda Hesser's writing and found so much more! (Still luv Amanda Hesser's writing-- and now Merrill Stubb's and the food52 editorial staff as well ... remember when it was a homemade looking site with jiggly videos...)
AntoniaJames December 28, 2011
On occasion in the past few months, the recipe posting itself has dropped ingredients and instructions during the "publishing" step. As a result, even complete, thoroughly tested, perfectly understandable recipes can be garbled when first posted. Unless the author actually knows that -- and has the time to go back and edit the recipe to correct the errors -- what actually is a great recipe may not appear that way on the site. ;o)
sdebrango December 28, 2011
Thats very true. have saw a comment recently on one of my recipes that I added during the site change and a main ingredient was dropped. It can happen and I am thankful when someone brings an error to my attention. I'm sure the author of the recipe in question would like to know if there are problems with her/his recipe.
hardlikearmour December 28, 2011
Harsh! The recipe contributors (for the most part) are amateurs, and everyone is human. Sometimes mistakes are made. It's not uncommon for the other members to spot them and help to correct them. A kind private message is greatly appreciated - no one wants to get egg on their face.
drbabs December 28, 2011
I think this is what Amanda and Merrill mean when they describe us as a "constructive community." We strive to support each other. Sometimes we make typos and other community members jump in to help us out. In fact, if you could share the recipe you're referring to, we could probably help you figure that out. You could even message the author and tell her/him that you're interested in trying their recipe but you don't understand something about it. We've all made mistakes when posting recipes--and the community helps us hone and improve them.
sdebrango December 28, 2011
Sometimes when a recipe is added the person entering misses something or accidentally will click on the wrong thing in the drop down. Abby A is right, anyone can enter a recipe and some are more experienced than others. What recipe is it? If you leave a comment on the recipe itself hopefully the cook will see it and make the necessary changes. You can also ask a question on the hotline and even if the cook doesn't see it others on the site may be able to help you. Its a learning process for all of us here and we hone our skills as we go along. It's a learning experience here and there are so many experienced cooks on this site we get a lot of help along the way.
sdebrango December 28, 2011
I investigated and I believe you are talking about the scallop recipe. I see what you mean but at issue here is the author of the recipe is not proficient in English, if you look at her blog it's in Italian and I think the recipe may have suffered a bit in the translation. I give her props for writing a recipe in English, I doubt I could do that well in Italian. It's a little hard to figure out, I agree, I think she translated some things literally.
Abby A. December 28, 2011
Eh, Its a community which means anyone can post a recipe (like a Facebook group) – Some people are pros and others are just starting out. It’s nice because it’s an encouraging and nurturing environment so that those starting out can get better. Happy Holidays!
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