I am making this bread and I had to leave so the first rise was 1 1/2 hours not 1. The dough was fully doubled. Should I do a 2nd rise again to re...

...double it or go straight to proofing

  • Posted by: ajpelle
  • November 6, 2015
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Farmhouse Whole Wheat Bread
Recipe question for: Farmhouse Whole Wheat Bread

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ChefJune November 6, 2015
The fact that your first rise was longer than an hour should have no impact at all on the second rise. I would follow the instructions in the recipe. Breadmaking is pretty flexible, and for the first rise, it is better to go longer than shorter in the directions. You will of course be punching the dough down so it starts all over for the 2nd rise. If the recipe does not call for a second rise, then go straight to forming the loaves and rising before baking.
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