green beans

I am serving fresh green beans for Thanksgiving. How early can I blanch these, how well do they keep? I will be finishing them with some shallots etc in a skillet

  • Posted by: peach49
  • November 17, 2015


Susan W. November 17, 2015
I quick blanch and use them all week all the time when they are exploding at the farmers market or my mom's garden. I have not stored them in water. Just never thought to do that. I blanch, shock in ice water, drain and wrap in damp paper towels or tea towels. Store in a plastic container or Ziploc type bag. Perfectly crisp days later.
Garlic F. November 17, 2015
I blanche them in the same skillet that I will cook them in. Use a skillet wide enough to have the green beans in a single layer. Add Only enough water to barely cover them. I leave them in the water until they turn a bright green color, so not too long. Then i strain the beans and saute in the same skillet (after wiping off the water). Takes no time at all
cookbookchick November 17, 2015
I agree with Cav. Green beans seem to go south very quickly. I'd blanch them as soon as you bring them home and freeze them if it's more than a couple of days before you will cook and serve them. They freeze very well.
Cav November 17, 2015
I've blanched beans a couple of days before use, they were fine (and in ice water in the fridge). Would be reluctant to stretch it past two days though.
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