My husband bought me a jar of amba in Israel. It was in the refrigerated section, but he flew home to US with it. Safe to eat? Best by date 12/24/15.

  • Posted by: Valhalla
  • November 20, 2015


Nancy November 20, 2015
Just out of curiosity, is this something you've used before or new to you...
And in what or with what foods do you serve it...
Valhalla November 20, 2015
Totally new. I read about it and even researched some recipes to make it myself, but when my husband had to go to Israel, I asked him to look for it or any other cool condiment--and he came through. He's wary of spoilage (the type that won't eat something after the sell by date), so I assured him I would investigate, haha. I agree with cookbookchick that the vinegar and spices would make it safe, but I was surprised the best by date was rather close. This stuff should last for months.
From what I know so far, it is commonly served with falafel and eggplant sandwiches. Here are two recipes I bookmarked:
Food52 also has a recipe for it:
I think I might add some to yogurt and also try some with fish.
Nancy November 20, 2015
I have used it both in sabich sandwiches and with Indian curries, and found it delicious.
Also, FWIW,
*best buy and sell by dates are marketing tools and food is usually good after that (duration varies, e.g. about a week for milk, a month for eggs, years for some canned goods)
*StillTasty (a website on various durations rec by reputable sources and storage condition - pantry, fridge, freezer) says two years for unopened pickle & 1 year for opened pickles.
creamtea November 20, 2015
I have posted a recipe for amba (as Valhalla comments below). Have a look at the comments section for Panfusine's (one of F52s great cooks!) infromative comments on the origins on the Indian continent, and travels, of this delicious, tart-sweet fruity mango-based condiment. It's great drizzled over felafel, but would be good on the side of chicken, fish, a savory omelet, or a curry as well. It's addictive.
cookbookchick November 20, 2015
I had to look up amba to see what it is -- a mango pickle made with vinegar. It should be fine. I don't think a few hours, even a day or so, out of the fridge would do it any harm as it's a preserve.
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