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If you were to pick one cookbook out of Jerusalem or Plenty, which one would you pick? I am so confused between the two. I have seen both and I love both so much!

Devangi Raval


Nancy November 23, 2015
Have you cooked from them both? If not, borrow them from a library or download a few recipes from each. Then cook and for same ingredient (e.g. eggplant), or same course (main, soup, appetizer, dessert) and see which you find more to your taste, more reliable.
Devangi R. November 24, 2015
I definitely like your idea of comparing and seeing what I would love cook from both. Thank you.
Leslie S. November 23, 2015
Both are wonderful! But I cook out a Jerusalem more often just because there are some really show-stopping meat dishes (the lamb dish on the cover is amazing!)
Devangi R. November 24, 2015
Thank you. I agree pictures are so good.
Susan W. November 23, 2015
I have Plenty and love it. However, had I not been offered it on my Kindle for $1.99, I probably would have purchased Jerusalem because of the meat addition. I really am happy I have Plenty. The dishes are so beautiful, unusual and out of this world in flavor.
Devangi R. November 24, 2015
I know both books are so good. I am a book hoarder. I will get Jerusalem.
QueenSashy November 23, 2015
I have both books and both are among my favorites. I give a slight edge to Jerusalem, because in addition to great dishes, there is a sense of place to it, and the foods tell the story about people, city, and the way of life... I like that in a cookbook.
QueenSashy November 23, 2015
... just occurred to me -- Plenty might be more relevant for vegetarians since it is an all veggie book. Jerusalem has meat dishes.
Devangi R. November 24, 2015
Exactly, thats what happened when I saw Jerusalem. All of a sudden I was more interested because I would know more about the food and culture through that book. I love that about any cookbooks that talks about food and culture, people. Thank you.
Ali S. November 23, 2015
You can't go wrong with either! I tend to cook more from Jerusalem because the dishes are so citrus- and spice-forward and I am drawn to Middle Eastern flavors. There are also meat dishes...

Plenty has some beautiful, creative vegetable dishes. It's all a matter of what sort of food you like to cook. Hope this helps!
Devangi R. November 24, 2015
Ali- Thank you for clearing out my confusion. I think the reason why I was asking this question as I had decided to buy Plenty but saw Jerusalem and fell in love with it. Regardless of the fact that it has some meat recipes, I do not mind it. I do not eat meat but I can cook for others. Well, it also has some dessert recipes. So, I know I am going for Jerusalem for now. Thank you again.
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