Can you recommend a cookbook about cooking for two?

Last year, I got a friend who was single "Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant", a book about cooking for one. This year, she's getting married and I want to get her a cookbook about cooking in love or such. I should add that she's in her 60s, second marriage, and an avid baker.



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I have this book I picked up a few months ago.The Everything Cooking For Two Cookbook: 300 creative ideas for making relaxing meals at home.By David Poran - Adams Media (2005) - Paperback - 307 pages - ISBN 1593373708
Creative solutions for preparation, service, and cleanup, as well as hundreds of tasty recipes for appetizers to desserts, are offered in this cookbook that makes cooking for two fun, easy, and cost-effective. Original. 30,000 first printing
stephaniekays November 7, 2011
A second vote for the ATK book. I gave one to my sister shortly after her wedding and she and her husband love it!

The title of the other book I would like to recommend - "Serve Yourself" - doesn't sound couple-friendly, but I find myself turning to it all the time. Most of the recipes are perfect for two.
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 6, 2011
I cook for 2 and highly recommend because it offers so many of our favorites - recipe ready!
susan G. November 6, 2011
Here's another niche book that just about anyone would enjoy -- The Intimate Vegetarian, delicious practical recipes for singles and couples, by Nancy Mair. It has ingredient lists for 1, and for 2. Recipes span the full range -- soup, sandwich, veg, mains, dessert, beverage...
the M. November 6, 2011
Shauna & Daniel ahern's book "gluten free girl and the chef".

The recipes are savory and sweet and sprinkled with cooking techniques as well as stories from their courtship and marriage. Most of the recipes have a story about their romance or shared experiences in the kitchen and are straightforward and delicious. It is one of the few cookbooks that I actually read coer to cover because it tells a wonderful love story through food. While the recipes a all gluten free, the focus of the book is more about enjoying food & cooking meals together and with friends.

I have given it to my friends who are not gluten free and they love it!
drbabs November 6, 2011
I have no idea about the quality of this cookbook but here's one:

And there's a whole bunch of "seduction" cookbooks; here's one:
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