Thanksgiving ideas?

Still have no idea what i'm going to be making for thanksgiving, HELP! Lol. I need ideas for something non-traditional but still uses fall ingredients. Time and skill level does not matter. Ideas please (: Thanks in advance.

Christina Marie Smith


PieceOfLayerCake November 23, 2015
And for dessert! Work is always a nuthouse around this time so I usually go very simple. This year I'm doing individual caramel apple galettes, but in the past I've done things such as black-bottom butterscotch pots de creme, no-bake ricotta cheesecakes with amaretti crust and fall fruits, malted shortcakes with stewed cherries and soft whipped cream, pear-walnut tarte tatin, sachertorte, apricot-pistachio tart, warm gianduja souffle cakes with ice cream, olive oil-lemon cake with wine poached pears and crème fraîche, pumpkin whoopie pies, banana-caramel-hazelnut brioche bread puddings, etc. While I prefer something that can be made ahead, these days, if you have the time an inclination, a plated dessert for a special occasion is sure to make an impact. Leave em with a memory...that's a goal of mine.
AntoniaJames November 23, 2015
This polenta dish is marvelous:
as is this nutty wild and brown rice dish:
This pork tenderloin's rosemary + mustard evokes fall: (I replace the honey with just a touch of maple syrup; after simmering marinade with some chicken stock while the pork is in the oven, I stir that into the pan drippings with the juice of a lemon to make a pan sauce.)
Turkey saltimbocca is non-traditional but right there in the "fall" category with its sage and prosciutto:
Dried cherries + cranberries + bay leaf = a quirky condiment to balance a rich Thanksgiving meal:
Hope this helps. And please, do tell us what you end up making. I'm dying to know!
hardlikearmour November 23, 2015
This recipe is fantastic. It's hard to find rose petal harissa, but it think it's just as good with regular harissa paste.
E E. November 23, 2015
How about a polenta, perhaps made with roasted chestnuts? Then go with herbs that work with the polenta used with either a roasted seasonally available fresh fish or perhaps a pork roast. One side might be a combination of bitter greens that are sautéed and have a little pepper and either lemon or orange with them. Then cheese and nuts. Then a grand dessert.
ChefJune November 23, 2015
If you give us an idea of what you /your guests would like to eat that day, it would make suggestions a whole lot easier.
This salad is a favorite at our house:
Ali S. November 23, 2015
Sounds like you need our New Classic menu:

If this one doesn't appeal, here are five others:

Let us know if you need more help!
Christina M. November 23, 2015
Thanks! Love those articles and ideas. I really didn't want to make just mashed potatoes like every other year. Lol.
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