At which point in the process is it best to freeze pretzel rolls?

I'm making pretzel rolls as part of my Thanksgiving bread basket. I've made them many times before, but I've always made them fresh. I'm not going to have time to do so on Thanksgiving, so I need to make them in advance. The question is, when should I freeze them? A) Before 2nd rise (after rolls are shaped); B) After boiling; C) After fully baking; D) Some other time. Thanks!



mrslarkin November 13, 2011
I would freeze them after they're baked. Reheat frozen rolls, wrapped in foil, in a hot oven. Then unwrap to crisp the crust for just a few minutes, if you want a crispy crust.
Droplet November 13, 2011
I read your question the other day but wasn't quite sure what the best way to do this would be as I don't do the boiling method myself. I remembered reading a good bagel recipe from Gourmet magazine and found it to see if it wouldn't give some information on this, since your question seems to have been buried by other questions. It involves the same technique so it would apply.This is the link to the recipe:
It doesn't say anything about freezing but says you can store the bagels/pretzels in the fridge for 2 day, and tells you how to proceed with boiling/baking. Hope this helps.
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