cranberry relish reciepe without oranges

I'm allergic to oranges, need a reciepe for cranberry relish without oranges

Susan Frazee


Stephanie November 24, 2015
I'm doing a cran-apple cranberry sauce (granted, not relish proper but similar). Essentially cider instead of water, sugar, diced honeycrisp, spices. I've already tested and I'm loving it.
Nancy November 24, 2015
Cranberry herb sauce with candied walnuts.
This one has lots of herbs, but you could make it just with sage, to echo, pick up on the stuffing. Also, consider the walnuts optional, if that's too fussy for you.
I've made versions of this for years and people love it. Also, not the usual sauce, so maybe have one can of old-fashioned plain jelly around.
irish1482 November 24, 2015
This is the BEST cranberry sauce I've made even those that are cranberry-ambivalent love it!
Ali S. November 24, 2015
Depending on what recipe you're using and if it's orange juice or pieces, you could maybe just skip the orange or swap in lemon.
Kenzi W. November 24, 2015
It's not a relish, but I really love this one, too:
Leslie S. November 24, 2015
Here's an old-school, unique relish that doesn't have any citrus!

If you're just allergic to tangerines (not sure where they fall on the allergy scale with oranges!), here's another:
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