I made a sample pie and seemed to have a little crust issue.

I made a sample apple pie to prepare for my pumpkin pie as I have never made a crust before. The bottom crust came out a little undercooked and seemed a little raw to me. After I placed the crust in the pie dish I poured in my apple pie filling and popped it in the oven. Am I supposed to cook the crust prior to filling?

  • Posted by: Matt
  • November 25, 2015


Sarah J. November 25, 2015
We also have all sorts of pie help! https://food52.com/blog/14789-kitchen-rescue-how-to-fix-10-common-pie-problems
Nancy November 25, 2015
Matt...good thinking to do the test run. You need to make your dough, chill the ball of dough in fridge (min half hour), roll out in pie pan, chill again, bake empty (with a piece of foil on top and some weights - uncooked beans, uncooked rice, whatever, cool, fill & bake. King Arthur Flour is a great supplier & info resource:
Or you could skip all that for now (learn it another time, with less pressure) and make a cookie crust for your pumpkin pies...biscotti, ginger snaps, your choice.
This one is delicious and has a biscotti crust:
Sarah J. November 25, 2015
Yes, you can par-bake (i.e. partially pre-bake) the bottom crust ahead of time to prevent these sorts of issues. Here's a whole post about it! https://food52.com/blog/10858-everything-you-need-to-know-about-par-baking

You can also try rolling your dough out so it's thinner and locating the bottom of your pie plate closer to the heat source in the oven. You can also bake the pie on a preheated baking sheet, which should help crisp up the bottom. Hope that helps!
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