How long does it take to roast a spatchcocked 13.5lb turkey at 325 degrees? No prior brining.



sydney November 25, 2015
I agree, two hoursish. I abandoned whole brined or unbrined turkeys years ago. I began spatchcocking and then fully converted to roasting pieces (I order the whole thing cut up by butcher). BEST way hands-down for beautifully roasted, crispy-skinned pieces everyone loves! And I've tried every way of temperature and found it didn't even matter (high-to-low; low-to-high...). I eyeball it. Easiest turkey-meal cooking ever. Hope it works out as well for you!
AntoniaJames November 25, 2015
Is there some magic to the 325 degrees? I find that you get a great result starting at a higher temperature. ;o)
Arkansas T. November 25, 2015
Strange. I've tried the higher heat first, but it always tends to make for a dryer breast, since I don't brine. This also gives me more time to get the sides together. ;)
Caroline L. November 25, 2015
about 2 hours! start checking for doneness after 90 minutes.
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