I bought Herve Mons Soumaintrain for the holiday. Should this cheese be served room temperature and is the rind edible?

Im very excited to try this pungent runny cheese and I would hate to ruin it.

  • Posted by: Laurel
  • November 25, 2015


amysarah November 25, 2015
Laurel, in France super runny ripe cheeses like this are usually served in the wood (or sometimes ceramic) containers they come in - practical, and part of the charm! Also, restaurants often have their cheese platters set out on a table in the dining room at room temp and bring it to each table to serve a sliver of this and that. I had dinner at Astier in Paris a few months ago, (famous for their cheese course,) and there was an almost obscenely runny Epoisses - very similar to your cheese - presented in its wooden form. Really lovely. I envy you!
702551 November 25, 2015
That sounds like quite an experience!

I'll have to try serving cheeses at a warmer temperature, however I feel that many people serve their cheeses and wines either too cold or too warm here in the United States.

702551 November 25, 2015
I would bring this cheese to the table at somewhere around 55-60 deg Fahrenheit. It will continue to warm up during food service. Once it is sliced it will also warm up as well. You can always let cheese warm up by waiting/slowing down your eating speed, you can't really chill down a cheese at the dinner table.

If you try to service this cheese at room temperature, it may end up being a big mess. It is better for a slice to melt on the diner's plate rather than the entire wheel all over your cheese platter. Use marble or stone if you have it.

Caroline's idea of keeping it in its original container will also work at the expense of aesthetics and the presentation of an entire wheel of cheese.
Laurel November 25, 2015
Excellent, thank you so much!
Caroline L. November 25, 2015
i'm looking into this, laurel!
Caroline L. November 25, 2015
the rind is edible, and it can be served at room temperature—but it will be very runny! just keep it in the little container it came in (or a rimmed plate) to contain the runniness.
Laurel November 25, 2015
Thank you for your speediness!
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